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The beginning of the new chapter of our family


A week ago tonight, D and I were at Parkridge East Hospital wondering how much longer until we had a baby in our arms. We wondered if the Future President Crumley was a boy or a girl. I wondered if he or she would have any hair and if so, would it be red or blonde?
The answers to those questions came at 3:34 pm on Tuesday, October 5, 2004. Our baby is a boy.
Our son has lots of red hair.

Our son. Those words make me cry sometimes. Maybe it is the “baby blues” or maybe it is the relief that the 2 year, 9 month journey to add a little one to our family is over, but yes, I cry sometimes when I think that I have a son.

The birth story goes like this:
Our son started his journey into the world on Monday evening, when my water broke around 7:15 pm. We had to go to the hospital right away because I am a group B strep carrier and once the water breaks, the baby has to be born within 24 hours. It is because of the risk of infection to both the baby and the mother.
D was at the St. Elmo Improvement League meeting and since we don’t have cell phones, I had to call my friend Esther to go over to the Firehall and get him.
So, soon after he got home and we scrambled to get the rest of the hospital bag packed, D & I went straight to the hospital and were admitted.
Sure enough, my water had broken, but then nothing else happened. I was already 3 cm dilated, but I had been 3 cm since the previous Thursday. So Dr. G ordered me on pitocin to induce labor and penicillin to help keep the risk of infection down.
Damon & I were moved to a LDR room (labor, delivery, and recovery) and things got started. Sort of.
The nurse had to up my pitocin 4 times before I got into any kind of contraction pattern that was making any kind of progress. By 4 am I was only 4 cm dilated and the contractions were causing me pain. I went ahead and asked for the epidural.
Once the epidural kicked in, they turned back on the pitocin. Then suddenly the baby?s heart rate dropped and didn?t come back up. So the nurse had me move to my side and the heart rate came right back up to normal. Damon and I then took a short nap (my on my side and Damon in the provided chair bed). When I woke up an hour and a half later, I was very sore from being on my side. And then the nurse came back in because the baby?s heart rate had dropped again. I was then moved to my other side and the heart rate came back up.
For the sake of brevity, lets just say this process was repeated several more times (like at least 4 or 5)- me laboring on my side for an hour or so then the baby?s heart rate would drop, I would change sides and then the heart rate would go back up. Also, during this time, the anesthesiologist had to return to my room 3 more times. I could still feel pain and needed something more.
Dr. G and the nurses think that the reason the baby’s heart rate kept dropping is that the baby kept “playing” with his umbilical cord or he was laying on it. By turning on my side it release the cord until the baby got a hold of it again. (Little stinker.)
By noon on the 5th, I was up to 8 cm dilated and still having to labor on my side. The part of my back that wasn?t numb was sore from being in this position for so long. Then at 2 pm they checked and I was 10 cm dilated, but the baby still hadn?t completely turned into the proper position. So they had me labor for another hour to see if it would turn.
This last hour was the most excruciating for me. I was still feeling the contractions and this is when they were the most intense. But Damon and I could see on the monitor that with every contraction, the baby would move. When the doctor came in at 3 pm the extra hour of labor had been worth it- the baby had turned and I was ready to push.
The nurse had told me to expect to push for at least an hour. I was so ready that we got very far in half an hour. But then the heart rate had dropped again and this time turning me on my side wasn?t going to be the answer. So they pulled out the vacuum and with the next push the baby was out. I was the one who said, ?It?s a boy!? and then I started to cry.
They quickly removed the umbilical cord from around his neck and then he started to cry.
Buckminster Fuller was 7 lbs, 7 oz. He is 20 ? inches long. And the best part is- he has a bunch of red hair. He looks just like his Daddy, but he got his Momma?s hair.
We came home on Thursday. The time in the hospital was long, but we had lots of visitors. Grandma Linda and Poppa Albert arrived just around the time Fuller was born. They left the next day. People from church came to see the newest Crumley, including our pastor.
The pediatrician says he looks really healthy and is a good little boy.
The day we arrived home my parents, Vieja and Grandpa Fred, came down from Ohio and are here for the next week or so. My mom is cooking us food and Daddy is helping with some yard work and small house projects.
Fuller?s first outing was yesterday when we took him to college. My father was named Covenant College?s Alumni of the year and they presented him with the award yesterday in chapel (it kicked off Covenant?s Homecoming Weekend). So of course we had to be there. Daddy may have received the award, but Fuller stole the show.
I could go on and on about his hands (strong!) and feet (long!) and little faces he makes, but then I would be rivaling the length of War and Peace. Just know that we are very happy that our son (I have a son!) is a wonderful addition to our family.
He will be baptized at the 8 am service at St. Elmo Presbyterian Church on October 17th. Most of my family will be in town then, so we wanted to get it done sooner rather than later.
We are thrilled to be parents and are thrilled that Fuller is here.
Welcome to the world, baby boy!


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