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Good job Julie!

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Today the PayPerPost community was in an uproar over PPP’s latest puzzle.* I can’t participate in the puzzles because I can’t spend that amount of time searching for pieces and all of it is pretty much blocked from work.

Well, this puzzle had some stressful drama at the end, with most of the posties not really sure who won. In the end, it was announced that Julie won!

Julie lives in Las Vegas and she was also the PayPerPost bride… she had her wedding sponsored by PayPerPost (you can see the RockStartUp episode here). She has also become a good online buddy, even IMing with me a few times (something I am not very used to).

One of the blogs that Julie has recently started is CampingCoop. Since we have some experience with camping (and think we might do more in the spring), it is a topic that I enjoy reading about.

And for my sister Sarah-Ginny: Julie has a pretty funny video about Jiffy Pop you might like!

*I am constantly misspelling the word puzzle. I don’t know why. Thank goodness for spell check.

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  1. Awww, thanks for the love girl! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you :)

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