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If we had been smrt…


Seven years ago, when we moved into this house and started fixing it up, I wish we had been better at documenting the work that we were putting into it. Sure we took before and after pictures, but now with all the blogging and digital cameras and photo sharing, it would be so much easier.

Take a look at this blog, where Dave is documenting his restore of a 1916 Craftman Bungalow. He draws inspiration from Gustav Stickley, events from 1916, and even the movie Amelie.

Dave and his wife Anna seem to run into some similar problems that we have had- nasty carpet (we got rid of ours before we moved in) and uneven walls, to name a few. We also replaced our thermostat with a digital one. Not exactly historic, but for modern utility bills it is important.

Our bungalow isn’t as craftsman as their’s, but we are working to make it look that way. Enhancing the woodwork, building up the moldings, it is all in the details.

Check out Dave and Anna’s blog, it is great inspiration.

Our next house project: the front porch. Can’t wait!

Oh, their house looks great at Christmas too!
We didn’t decorate the outside this Christmas. Next year I hope we are inspired by the new front porch.

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