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Chalkboard paint


Has anyone ever used chalkboard paint? I am wondering if it would still work if you painted over an existing chalkboard. We have a green chalkboard that Fuller is currently using. However it doesn’t take the chalk very well and there are some stains on it (we got it at a thrift store). I was thinking about painting over it in chalkboard paint but wonder if that would help or hurt.

Thoughts? Stories?


  1. Ask Mike H. He and I were just talking about his chalkboard which he painted over a few years ago. Email me if you don’t have his number.

  2. The Apartment Therapy: Nursery blog talks about chalkboard paint a lot. They love it!

  3. Sometimes our easel chalkboard doesn’t take chalk well either. You can “cure” the board by rubbing chalk all over it, then wiping it clean with a rag. It’ll receive chalk easier afterwards.

  4. I bought some of the stuff, I really liked it.

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