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Question: keeping toys for yet to be produced siblings


I don’t have lofty goals today. The only thing I have to do is take Lively to the groomer. I’m still behind on the house chores that piled up while I was in Vegas and while I had a great start, I kind of flatlined on my energy quotient on Thursday. So we have half done chores to finish.

There is a project I need to take care of that I think a lot of parents I know do around this time of year- the thinning of the toys. I piled all of Fuller’s toys into his room earlier this week and I have yet to sit down and actually do anything about it.

I’m in a quandry about the toys because there are toys he no longer plays with because they are too “baby.” And I wonder if we really need to keep those toys or if we should donate them somewhere. The idea used to be we should keep toys for any future brothers or sisters. Now that it is obvious that there will be so much space between Fuller and siblings (never our intention), is it really worth the attic space to keep these things? By the time another addition to the family is ready to play with toys, there will probably be better, less likely to cause lead poisoning toys on the market. At least I hope that is the trend.

I don’t have sentimental attachment to anything Fuller played with as a baby and am actually considering chucking the whole lot that is in the attic. So I ask… what do you think I should do? Free up attic space? Or start hording for the unconceived one?


  1. He has a cousin who doesn’t have very many toys….

  2. Give em away. They’ll come back. I gave everything of Jade’s away- to people that REALLY needed stuff…. I still do- his clothes even…. But then again… there’s always E-bay! haha
    Seriously- when you have your second baby- you’ll have everything you need….

    Hey- speaking of- I need to go through Jade’s stuff- Maybe I coud give Fuller some of Jade’s toy’s…and Genevieve could get some of Fuller’s… what do you think?

  3. Find a needy family or a consignment shop and get rid of them. Toys change so quickly, anyway!

  4. is attic space at a premium? if so, I’d say give em away. otherwise no harm hanging on for a while.

  5. If you have some that are for older babies, Olivia doesn’t have many either. I pretty much got rid of everything after Nick outgrew them because I thought that was it. Now I just hate buying anything because Olivia IS it, so if you have 12+ month toys we’ll take em here.

  6. I wouldn’t save them for another baby since there will be such an age space; however, I would pass them along to your sister’s baby. Definitely give them away; free up that space.

    PS: It was great to see you at the groomer’s yesterday.

  7. I would give them away, and as Lissa said, they somehow come back. It is like clothes, you give them away, and then people give you more for your next child. You can keep a few of the pricier ones. You can also donate them to daycares…I know of one :-)

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