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train_fuller.jpgFuller was given his “prize” yesterday for his potty training efforts. We had originally said Fuller would get the train when he was dry for five days in a row. So far we have managed to be accident free two days in a row and then something happens.

We figure he has the concept down, even telling us when he has to go potty when we are out and about. And someone wanted to play with the train set as well, so we gave it to him early.

Damon made a big deal out of it, explaining that Fuller was doing so well with the potty, he got this fun train set.

And you should have seen Fuller’s face. He was ecstatic. He always gravitates toward things that go and trains are high up on his list of favorites. (Trains are tied with cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats. In second place we have hovercrafts and wagons. Third place would be bicycles.)

Fuller played with his train set for hours yesterday and it was the first thing he asked for when he woke up.

I know there are still accidents in our future, and messes to clean up, but the amount of progress and fewer dollars we are spending on pull-ups is definitely cause for celebration.


  1. What you save on pull-ups you can put towards maintaining Lively’s fresh new look.

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