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A taste of tailgating


Starting next year, our family will begin tailgating a Jordan-Hare Stadium to help cheer on the Auburn team to their victories. This past Friday we got a little taste of what it could be like when start.

The NCAA Division 1 Football Championship game was held here on Friday night. Friday morning D drove our car to the stadium and parked it for us to gather that evening to tailgate with all the other fans. Damon had it packed with our chairs, a table, and some other useful items for tailgating.

That afternoon Fuller and I rode the bus downtown, walked the two blocks to the stadium, and joined Damon for some Sticky Fingers BBQ.

Since App State has been here for the past two years, we felt a certain kinship with them and decided to dress out in black and yellow as fans. Fuller was dressed as a tiny Mountaineer with his new Santa hat and he got quite a lot of attention.

Damon wasn’t successful in his quest for tickets this year (people with free tickets were selling them for a pretty penny), but we still got the “big game” experience. Unfortunately part of that experience meant navigating the many drunk fans, but we survived well enough.

We tried to watch the pep rallies but crowd control in the Tennessee Pavilion was of a one star caliber so we bailed in the middle of the first band’s performance.

I look forward to next football season and the roadtrips to Auburn. I’m sure many memories will be made and I look forward to cheering Auburn on to another winning season.

Mountaineer Santa Kid Waiting for the 3-peat YoUDee consults his handler Damon and Fuller at the App State Van

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