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Let’s be honest


The entire time I was in Orlando Damon and I were putting on brave faces. We spoke everyday and everyday I asked, “How are you feeling?” And he would give an answer that was a long the lines of “Better.” I would do the same. But the truth is, we are still sick.

While I was living it up in Orlando my illness turned into a raging sinus infection. Flying home yesterday wasn’t too bad, but all day yesterday I was dealing with sinus pressure that was probably altered due to the flight. I feel a lot better today, but need a bit more rest.

Last night our family of three ended up at the ER because Damon’s ear was causing him off the charts pain and leaking. His ear was leaking. Turns out he had a ruptured ear drum and ear infection. The other ear drum had probably ruptured the day before.

It will all heal, but we take ear problems with Damon very seriously. His ear drums are a mess from ear infections during childhood. His sister has a hearing loss due to illness in college. And when he was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease a few years ago, it made us even more cautious.

Fuller still has a cough and congestion, but overall he acts like nothing is keeping him down.

Damon keeps saying how much he hates winter and right now, I have to agree. This really sucks. Our family needs to heal.


  1. ooh, you have been hit hard! i’m quite ready for warm weather myself. hope you all recover quickly!

  2. Good to hear the flight home didn’t knock you down any further. Sorry to hear about D’s ears. We’ll be praying y’all get some relief and healing.

    Winter is why people have a second home in Florida, if not their first (like us.)

  3. Yuck.

    I hope you all heal soon…you gotta be back to 100% before coming to Hotlanta!
    I am so excited– I have saved the date- you know its my 35th (bleh) bday that Sunday, right? So i am extra thrilled all my cousins that I hardly ever see will be here!!!!!!!

    Okay- good energy your way….
    Much love,

  4. Actually my hearing loss wasn’t from an illness in college, that was just when they first discovered it. It was very mild then and has gotten progressively worse from my mid-20’s til now. I’ve also been diagnosed with Meniere’s.

  5. @Vsatt- huh. Well, I guess your brother doesn’t pay very much attention does he? LOL! I didn’t know you had Meniere’s too. Interesting.

  6. @Lissa- birthday! Woot! Even more reason to see you in Atlanta. Details are slowly coming together.

  7. @Lois- I think I would love a second home in Florida. This winter stuff is becoming less and less for me. Thanks again for all your help. It was wonderful visiting with you.

  8. @Jill- thanks for the well wishes and stopping by!

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