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Feeling Blue… Orange and Blue!


Tomorrow we leave for our annual March Madness trip. This year the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament is in Atlanta, so it isn’t too far for us to travel. We have been building up to this trip by planning things for Fuller to do (basketball for 6 hours straight can be a bit tiring), plotting our MARTA route, and fluffing the Auburn Elvis suit.

One of the things about heading to the tournament is sporting your team colors. Since we are Auburn fans (as everyone should be), we have been gathering our orange and blue clothing for the trip. This afternoon my friend Esther was visiting and asked me if we were allowed to wear anything other than orange and blue. I said, of course, but when you go to the tournament, you have to represent. Fuller’s wardrobe had to be padded a bit since most of his orange and blue clothing is now in the “too small” bin. Fortunately orange and blue are quite fashionable in children’s wear, so it wasn’t difficult.

But I must admit to being a bit frustrated with finding clothing with the word “Auburn” actually printed on it, especially in Fuller’s size. Most stores in our area stock Alabama (booooo), Tennessee, and Georgia. Every once in a while we score an Auburn related something, but those days are very few and far between. I’ve started complaining to cashiers and hope management eventually hear the cries of the Tiger fans.

Until that day comes, we’ll just keep hording our orange and blue clothing to show a little team spirit.

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  3. I did not mean to write two comments. All in fun you know.

    We love you Auburn Family.

    Have fun and be safe !!!!!!

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