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Argument null


Fuller has a bad habit of arguing with us when we ask/ tell him to do something. When we ask/ tell him to do something, he immediately launches into “But…” This past weekend Damon and I both realized (almost at the same time) we were tired of it, and have started combating the behavior.

He isn’t really getting the idea of “argue” and I was wondering how you combat this kind of behavior with your kid(s)?


  1. For us it’s obey right away, all the way and with a happy heart…no but’s or arguing. If he starts to argue or isn’t responding we ask “are you obeying right away?” It’s worked for us.

  2. We have started having this same problem. Except he doesn’t argue he just ignores. We are trying to do what the pp said and have him “obey the first time and with a happy heart.” But it is hard for us to know how to enforce the discipline since I am not a spanker and he thinks standing in the corner is fun…….

  3. sounds weird, but we count for our 3 year old, and it works. she has to do it by the number 3.

  4. We were never asked if we wanted to do something, we were told we had to do it. The less choices the better, my mom always said.

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