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Bringing our A game


Today’s goals are pushing us toward a road trip. When Damon gets off work we are heading down to Auburn to visit with Grandma-Great. And tomorrow should find us on the sidelines of the Auburn A game, checking out the prospects for the 2008-2009 season.

It will be a whirlwind trip since we leave today and return tomorrow, so we can teach Sunday School. But it will be a good test run for the Fall, since we will be making the trip to Auburn home games at least 5 times.

The last year we have traveled lots and lots, so we should becoming seasoned pros at this. And we are. But we have never done a dash kind of road trip before, so I’ll be interested in observing the following: How Fuller adjusts to the fast pace of travel, how quickly I recover from a quick Auburn trip, and exactly how much laundry we create in one over night trip (because it always seems like more to me).

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