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Back from the A Game


Grandma Great, Fuller, and Diego Well, our overnight trip to Auburn has been considered a success. We were able to get to Auburn by 7:30, had a sweet visit with Grandma Great, enjoyed some time with cousins, played outside, and watched some football!

We were pleased with the weather. It stayed so sunny and hot all day, making the rain gear we lugged around a bit of a bother. But we were pleased we also remembered sunscreen (except one triangle of skin on my neck, which is a bit of a bother).

Since we took this trip as a test run for how things will run when we start going to Auburn games in the fall, we were able to see room for improvement but realize being Auburn fans in Auburn is totally doable. It was a great taste of what the next football season will look like. Right now we are planning to go to at least 5 games.

Fuller had a ball visiting with Grandma Great and playing with the toys there. Grandma has a tea set she played with as a child and Fuller was totally getting into playing tea party. Damon taught Fuller to serve tea (or coffee) to me while saying, “Here you go, madame.” It was so much fun.

A good trip was had by all.

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  1. Aww such a cute blog you have here, thanks for stopping and commenting at my place. Great pictures! :)

  2. That’s a great photo of Grandma-Great and Fuller. I’m glad you got to visit with her and include her in your Auburn activities.

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