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Being a part of the Cleanteam


Huggies sent us some of their Cleanteam products to use and review. When Fuller saw the shampoo, hand soap, and flushable wipes, he figured they were for him because of the illustrated characters on the packaging. And since he was claiming them as his own (holding the shampoo with a death grip) I took advantage of the situation and quickly talked him into taking a bath.

Cleanteam Extra Conditioning Shampoo

Extra Conditioning Shampoo

Fuller still gets a bath with us washing his hair and dumping water over his head for rinsing. We always use the shampoo to make bubbles in the bath water, since it seems to help entice Fuller to actually get into the bathtub.

This is where my first and only complaint of the Extra Condition Shampoo comes in: no where on the front of the bottle does it say “Tear-free.” If I had been shopping for shampoo for Fuller, I never would have picked up this shampoo.

We had a bad experience using real bubble bath and dumping water on Fuller’s head. The shampoo was tear-free but the bubble bath wasn’t. And Fuller was in a lot of pain.

A close look at the back of the bottle before dumping shampoo into the bathwater told me it was “tear-free.” It was in the middle of a paragraph and without a special graphic, but it made me feel safe.

Using the extra conditioning shampoo was pretty normal, except Fuller was into the spirit of getting clean and didn’t freak out and cry when washing his hair. It smelled great, left Fuller’s hair feeling soft, and rinsed out quickly. Maybe this stuff is magic!

Cleanteam Hand Soap

Fuller immediately knew something was special about this soap dispenser. And it wasn’t just that the pump looked like a dinosaur head. When you dispense the soap, the dino-head starts to flash for 20 seconds.

According to the side of the bottle, you pump the soap, rub your hands as long as the dino-head is flashing, and then rinse off the soap.

Cleanteam Hand Soap

My son is three and the concept was immediately grasped. Once I explained it. Except he just wanted to watch the light flash instead of use the time wisely and actually rub the soap all over his hands. (And in case you are wondering, 20 seconds is the same amount of time it takes to sing “rub, rub, rub, rub, rubrub” to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”) But again, he is three. Flashing objects distract all three year olds.

We have been using Squid Soap to help Fuller learn how to properly wash his hands. When you press the pump, an ink pad on top will put a red dot on your hand. The idea is your hands are clean when the red dot disappears. Except the idea of making the red dot disappear is a bit much for him. He just likes putting the ink all over his hands. And chest. And arms. And sometimes his cheeks.

The Cleanteam Hand Soap is a winner over Squid Soap. No messy ink, flashing lights, and a valuable teaching tool in hygiene.

Cleanteam Flushable Moist Wipes
Cleanteam Flushable Wipes

There will be no picture or video of my son using this product, I hope you don’t mind.

It’s hard to get descriptive with wipes. They are wet, they smell ok, and flush just fine. These wipes didn’t instantly make Fuller able to wipe himself. I’m still needed in that department. But maybe when Fuller is older and more coordinated, these wipes will help.

I can’t really compare these flushable wipes to any others because the others we have used were used as regular wipes, not in potty training. (They were gifts.)

Thanks to Huggies for sending these Cleanteam products. Fuller is cleaner for it (though he could use another bath) and I think we have reinforced the foundation for good personal hygiene.

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  1. So is this Fuller’s first commercial :-)?

  2. Just because something SAYS “flushable” — DON’T do it. So said the plumber who blew out my main drain in February!

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