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Revealing secrets


Secrets aren’t hard for me to keep. Unless it is something about me, myself, and I. I want to tell everyone every little detail. Maybe that is why blogging is such fun for me, because I just want to spill it all.

And then again, when I look over the archives of my blogs I see big spaces where details of our lives haven’t been splashed over the internet. Believe it or not, our family blog isn’t a true tell all because we simply don’t tell all.

Then when something happens we want to blog about but have to wait.. well, it makes it harder to write about because it seems like it happened so long ago. In fact we are six weeks passed when we found out and yet I have no real way of poetically announcing I am nine weeks pregnant.

Oh wait. I think I just did it.

It has been difficult to keep the secret, especially since we were surrounded by so much family on our vacation. But we prefer not to raise too many hopes and wait until we hear the heartbeat. And Tuesday morning we went to the doctor to check out the little one I carry.

It turned into a scary ultrasound because the doctor could not find the baby. He finally found it to the side and we all started thinking it was ectopic. We went to a hi-res ultrasound (thank you modern medicine) and learned I have tilting uterus and the baby (with very strong heartbeat) was in utero. Exactly where he/she should be!

I had to wait share the news here because really we prefer friends and family find out from us and not the blog. And today Damon shared the news with our church family (complete with football analogy and loud “Yahoo!”), so really how could I not blog about it now?

I have the journal entries from when I was pregnant with Fuller and I have been looking over them to remind myself of what I was thinking then…

We got our first glimpse of you on Monday afternoon and as your Daddy said, “It was historic.”

You are so cute with your little round shape that resembles the blob of Jello that fell on the counter top this morning. And your heartbeat was very… loud, I guess. It was 128 beats per minute. It has to get up to about 140, so start doing jumping jacks or something. That will get your heart rate up in no time.

Since we had a hi-res ultrasound, Baby Two looks more like a baby than a blob of jello. And it was nice to hear his/her heartbeat was perfect instead of making us jumpy like Fuller did. However, taking up shop on the side of my uterus and hiding wasn’t a great way to start the parent-child relationship, so I guess we have room to improve.

The countdown is on… February isn’t that far away.


  1. This is wonderful, incredible news! A huge congrats to you and your family!!

    RTs last blog post..Sunken Gardens

  2. Congratulations to you and Daddy and Fuller too! You’ll be adding 2 more feet to your home! :)

    meritts last blog post..My Sunday Mornings Have Gone to the Dogs

  3. Congrats! Welcome to the club! LOL! :-) I am so happy for you!

    eves last blog post..The Best Bath Store, really!

  4. WOW!!!!! That is wonderful exciting news …Congrats …

  5. Woohooo!!! I think I know like 10 preggie people right now… I can’t help but look every time I walk past a baby section in a store.


    Juless last blog post..I Need High Ceilings


    i actually have been wondering if you were pregnant. during the last mom’s group meeting before summer break, i noticed the way that you were paying closer attention to willem and the way that your face glowed a bit. i am so happy for you guys and will pray that all continues to go well for you and your little one!

    ambers last blog post..scoot

  8. That is awesome news!!! Congratulations you guys!

  9. Congrats!!! So, you and SG BOTH!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonderful news!

    Pixies last blog post..Oh HAPPY day

  10. Woohooo!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  11. Pregnant? Oh. Wait. WHAT? Wooot!

    Congratulations! What a thrilling bit of news, and so glad you broke it! Now we can all send our psychic good thoughts!

    Sooo… do we think this one will have red hair?



    Catharines last blog post..Joseph M. DeMarco

  12. Thumbs up !!! Real happy for yall and Grandma Linda and Grandpa Albert.

  13. Congratulations! What a blessing for you guys.

  14. Congratulations. I bet Fuller is going to enjoy being a big brother.

    BenSparks last blog post..Review: In Plain Sight 2 eps.

  15. Congratulations!!!! 😀

  16. congratulations Damon and Alli (and Fuller?), I love February babies! (I have two) I am so happy for you and I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Congratulations again

    graces last blog post..Birthdays…

  17. Alli, I’m so happy for you and your family. I know you’ll be great parents to this child because look at Fuller!!! :-)

  18. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Congratulations! I’m glad I got to be there in person to hear Damon’s football analogy and loud “Yahoo”. I am really excited for you all!

  20. hooray! congrats and hope all is going well.

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