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New season, new beginning


I’m almost ready, but Fuller keeps trying to climb in the car so we can go now. We are embarking on our new stage of family life- Auburn Season Ticket holders. This weekend is the kickoff and we plan on going to Lake Martin for the hospitality of D’s parents. While Fuller is enjoying some grandparent time, Damon Auburn Elvis and I will be at Auburn enjoying the fans, atmosphere, and some football.

Fuller has been looking forward to football season just because it meant one more trip to the lake.

A few weeks ago I approached by a fellow Auburn fan who saw the Auburn sticker on our car. His car was covered in Auburn magnets and stickers. He is the grandfather of Bailey Woods, a red shirt freshman who will be one of Auburn’s tight ends this season (number 48). Grandpa Woods was going on and on about Bailey, giving me stats and a little family history (Bailey’s dad and grandpa both played for Georgia Tech, Bailey bucked tradition).

It was nice to see someone so proud and excited for his grandson. It made me think forward to the future and how Fuller’s grandpas will probably talk about him when he plays for Auburn too. 😉 And it got me even more excited for the season, since I have a little something personal to hang on to. I guess I’m one of those spectators who likes the color commentary and back story on players, a lot more than stats and speculation.

So, our family will drive south with our Tiger Tail out the trunk and ready to shout “War Eagle!” to every Auburn fan we pass on the road.

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