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Back to the place I belong


I have talked or IMed with Damon every day since I have been gone. I usually get to talk to Fuller, who startles me by sounding simultaneously grown up and unintelligible. The words I can understand on the phone are sweet and informative, and the ones he garbles are usually complaints about me not doing what he thinks I am doing. Damon told Fuller I was visiting my computer friends (which is true) and for some reason he can’t imagine me going any further than the airplane I said I was traveling on. One day we will bring him back to Orlando (he has been in this exact airport before) and his mind will get even bigger with knowledge of where Mommy went.

It is good to keep in touch, but even better to keep me homesick and ready to get on a plane and head home as fast as I can. Sure I have had an excellent time (and won a $100 Home Depot gift card last night!), but I’m looking forward to hugs and kisses from my guys.

Because of scheduling and rides to the airport, I have been sitting in the Orlando airport since around 11:30. My flight doesn’t leave until around 4:50. I am enjoying the free wi-fi in the Orlando airport, but all I can think of is what Fuller will think when I give him his present and if I will be able to take a nap on the plane. (My guesses are 1) he will be thrilled and 2) I doubt it since I don’t sleep well on planes.)

I’ll be home tonight, that’s all that matters.

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