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This post will upset our parents (alternate title: Is it a boy or a girl?)


When I was pregnant with Fuller, I was unprepared for the questions many people would have about our choices as parents. The one that bugged me the most was “are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl?” It bugged me because at the time our answer was “I’m not sure.”

When the pregnancy began, Damon didn’t want to know and I did. I decided to let Damon decide. If he didn’t want to know, then we wouldn’t find out. And this really bothered many people, specifically some family members. Some family members even told us if we didn’t find out, then we should have the doctor write it down and seal it in an envelope to send to the family member. Then he/she would know, and we wouldn’t.

This angered me (or it could have been hormones), because really, it is only our business if we decide to find out the sex of our baby. Other people should just live with our decision. To me, it was up there with circumcision, breastfeeding, and diapering. We are the parents, we get to make the decisions.

On the day of the actual ultrasound, Damon decided he did want to find out. And Fuller, he decided to be uncooperative. We had several ultrasounds during the pregnancy and we were unsuccessful in determining the gender.

This led to frustration from others. We got accused of knowing and not telling several times. (Just because I wear a pink dress or blouse to my baby shower does not mean I know I’m having a girl!) Someone accused my doctor of not being very good.

When Fuller was born, it was such a surprise to me how nice of a surprise it was find out he was a boy seconds after he arrived. We all had to wait the almost 40 weeks and nothing awful happened. No one died because they didn’t know if our kid was a boy or girl before he arrived. It wasn’t horrible to have to return any gender specific stuff we had (which really wasn’t a lot).

Well, we are thrilled to be expecting our second child in February. I have been grinning and bearing it when people ask if we are going to find out the baby’s sex. And just like last time, I tell them “I don’t know.” Because this time, I don’t care and Damon does. It was a nice surprise last time and I thought maybe we could be surprised again. But, Damon really wants to know, even after I expressed my discomfort with with what I’m sure we’ll have to deal with (from family) on the day of the ultrasound.

And that is when my husband’s brilliance kicked in.

Next Tuesday, September 23rd, we will have the ultrasound and hopefully find out the sex of our baby. But, we are not going to tell anyone except the winner of this ebay auction.

If you win the auction, then you will be the first and only other person to know if we are having a boy or a girl. You can decide what you want to do with this information… because we will not tell another soul for a whole month. If you win the auction and decide to tell others, then it is your right. If you win the auction and decide to savor it for thirty days, then it is your right. We will keep our lips (and blogs) zipped!

Please note: this isn’t about the money. (it isn’t? – dword) Any money from this auction will be used to buy baby stuff and/ or start his/ her college fund. This auction is about our power (bwah-ha-ha!) and hoping people will understand we are the parents and this is our decision. Maybe I have some residual anger from my pregnancy with Fuller. But mainly we thought it would be fun. For us at least. 😉

If no one bids, then we will still hold on to the information for one month. In the event that next Tuesday’s ultrasound is like the ones we had with Fuller, then the winner of the auction will be the first one we call after the baby is born. If we do find out the gender at a later date, the winner will be the first to know.

Groups of people are welcome to get together to bid… but we will only tell the winning ebay account the baby’s sex.

Serious bids only, please!

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  1. So what are you going to do if they can’t tell? :) LOL

    Lisas last blog post..Wednesday’s Hero

  2. This is stinking hilarious!!!! I love you guys!!!!! LOLing over here.

  3. @Lisa, If they can’t tell on Tuesday, then the winning bidder will get first chance to find out if we end up with any other sex-identifying ultrasounds. If not, this person will be the first we call after the baby is born.

  4. @Jeannette, thanks for the LOL support!

  5. that’s awesome. yall are nuts. in a good-n-hilarious way, of course.

    bobws last blog post..oh yes, I rock

  6. Oh, good grief. Why don’t people mind their own beeswax? It wasn’t that long ago people were swinging wedding rings over pregnant bellies at the shower to determine what the sex of the child was. My daughter, like Fuller, decided it was no one’s business but hers whether she was an Ian or a Savannah, thanks much, and we, too, were surprised on the day of her birth. And, like you, I was happily surprised (for I was certain she was an Ian) to find out when she made her debut. And, also like you, no one’s head exploded from the not knowing.

    I might just have to break my “no eBay” rule and toss a bid on the boards. Cuz, ya know if I win, I’m tellin’. (Hellooo… two blogs, no waiting!!!)



    Amanda S.s last blog post..My New Favorite Champion Swimmer (Not Michael Phelps, Smarties.)

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