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Tomorrow is an exciting day for the family, since we will all troop into the doctor’s office together and see the ultrasound. We told Fuller we are going to see the baby on TV and his prompt reply was, “Is tomorrow February?” So glad he remembers what month the baby is expected.

He was a little upset we won’t have the baby to take home, but I explained the baby has to grow more before it can come home.

Fuller’s prediction (as of 9 a.m. today) is he will get a sister. Two days ago he was shouting “I don’t know!” when I asked him if he was going to have a brother or a sister*. I’m currently thinking it is a boy, based on recent dreams I have had. And Damon has predicted, reluctantly, we are having a girl.

Since the ebay auction will determine who gets to know for a month, I’m thinking we will have to wait until October to see who is right.

*While we plan on letting Fuller see the ultrasound, we don’t plan on letting him know if it is a boy or girl because we know he would probably tell. So, don’t go thinking you can bribe him later.

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