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Captain America Costume – The Jacket


The jacket is the most important part of Fuller’s WWII Captain America Costume. I began by eye-balling a pattern from one of Fuller’s winter jackets. Then I cut out the pieces and sewed together the vest (with lined right and left panels). Next, I sewed the sleeves, sleeve linings, and a pair of shoulder straps (for his Captain’s bars). Once I assembled the basic jacket, I cooked up some dark blue dye and dyed the jacket navy blue.

After the dyeing, I sewed together the red-and-white vertical stripes into one long panel. I trimmed off the bottom half of the jacket and replaced it with the striped panel. Then, I took a black strap from one of the thrift store bags I bought and sewed it in place as the jacket’s waist band.

Finlay, I added details like the white chest star (complete with navy banded edging), the metal buttons from a thrift store dress, and some hook-and-loop tape to help keep the inside flap closed.


After finishing it, I remarked to Alli that he needs to be careful, ’cause he’s gonna be a heart-breaker in that thing – chicks dig a man in uniform.

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