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Cheap glass

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When I head to bed at night I put my glasses within arm’s reach on a chair or the table next to my bed. I want to be able to roll over, reach out, and grab them at a moment’s notice.

This morning, when Fuller was banging on his door to be let out, I rolled over, reached out, and couldn’t put my hands on them. I kept groping around in the dark (mentally noting I need my bedside lamp back) but finally went to his room without the eyeglasses (freaking him out in the process). I quickly returned to my room to search, finding them on the chair, but slipped to the side, out of my reach.

It isn’t usually a good thing when I can’t find my glasses right away. I’ve stepped on them several times, if they have slide off the chair (or a dog knocked them off), and once broken the frames doing irreparable damage. And in today’s tight budget lifestyle, broken glasses are not a welcomed expense.

Fortunately, my friends have told me about Zenni Optical and their $8 eyeglasses. I checked them out and one the $8 page I saw glasses exactly like the plastic framed ones I already wear!

Zenni Optical has had some positive reviews and warnings from other users to make sure you have the exact prescription in order to get the right glasses. When the time comes for new glasses (which I hope won’t be for quite some time), I’ll definitely be checking them out.

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One Comment

  1. Doncha just hate that – when you need your glasses in order to find your glasses!

    We bought our 2 yr old son a pair of glasses from Zenni because the price was much more reasonable than anything we could find locally and because they’re also a better fit than any of the brick & mortar glasses places around here had to offer.

    We’ve been really pleased with the quality and durability of the glasses we got from Zenni and I’ll definitely be considering them for my own next pair when the time comes.

    Rob O.s last blog post..So Long, Summer!

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