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Back to the backdoor


I’m so excited to finally have something to post about our efforts to work on our house.

For a couple who has lived here for almost ten years, we have done quite a bit of renovation. Unfortunately, we look around and see there is still a lot to do. And since the budget to do those sorts of things has been rather tight in the past year, we have been just living here, enjoying the work we have accomplished, and ignoring the unfinished work in other areas.

When I traveled to Orlando in September, I was one of the winners of a $100 Home Depot gift card. I knew I wanted it to go toward a new backdoor. I won’t go into all the details of what was wrong with our old back door (though I will mention it was actually an interior door, which isn’t very weatherproof). It was a project we had been putting off, but recently realized we had to get to it this year, before the winter moved in permanently.

We took a family outing to Home Depot and as we looked at the doors we wanted, I suddenly felt like the child in the Mother’s Day commercials who has 50 cents and wants to buy Mom a $200 diamond tennis bracelet. The ideal door for our back entry was going to be way more than my paltry $100 gift card could cover, and it was kind of a downer.

Damon came up with other solutions we probably could afford in our tight-budget lifestyle- salvage yards and the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Last Wednesday D and I took a quick trip to the Restore, with the realistic concept that we might not find anything. It was nice to see the sign at the door telling us everything in the store was 50% off that week, so we started to dig through their inventory.

Imagine our surprise when we found a brand new exterior door with a full glass panel, just like we had been wanting! And since it was half off, we were thrilled with the $75 price tag.

Our friend Ed helped D bring the door home last Wednesday and on Saturday Damon was able to start working the prep to install the door on Sunday. It was unfortunate that Saturday is when the temperature started to dip and insist on letting Fall take up residence in the Tennessee Valley. So Damon worked into the dark on Sunday to get the door installed (once the old door was removed, there was no stopping, even for sundown).

All day yesterday I admired the sunlight streaming into my kitchen (though I kept thinking the backdoor was left open). And I got a little thrill as I closed the door and it stayed closed. The dogs loved being able to look out and wait for us to come home.

We are now in the process of looking for an appropriate storm door, but for now, I am so happy to have the new back door.


  1. I love it. So glad you were able to finally do it.

  2. That sounds very nice. I want a screen door so I can see out at the sunshine (not today). So I think I want the new kind that disappears at the ‘hinge’ side. My friend has one, said it was easy to install….but she does not have a cat. I am wondering if Smokie would keep his claws off.

  3. PS That backdoor will be great for son #2 to watch his big brother Fuller playing in the yard. Only thing better than 2 boys is three. Then they can pray for a baby sister like your dad and two uncles did….and we got just what they wanted…and we did too!

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