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Well, well child

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This morning was the four year well child check up for Fuller. The official stats were given (43 inches tall, 43 pounds) and the usual, “He is awesome” speech from the doctor.

He passed the speech development part of the examine just by holding his own conversation. He repeated several times he was four (without prompting) and asking if it was time to leave for Grandpa Albert’s house yet. I had to giggle after the nurse did Fuller’s height and blood pressure and Fuller said, “Thank you for not hurting me again.” As if his last visit (last February) was seared into his memory as a Chinese water torture session.

We discussed the small issue of his pigeon toes (something he inherited from me) and I learned there is really nothing to be done. Apparently, the things they would have done when I was little (I went the ballet route, no braces or special shoes) are no longer seen as necessary. And the doctor did say most runners are a little bit pigeon toed, especially the winners. This probably translates to football, so I’m sure Damon will be thrilled. I’ll no longer worry about that little detail, I still see him as perfect. Though I might still wince whenever he trips over his own feet.

Before the visit, Damon and I had decided to go ahead and get Fuller a flu shot. Damon will also be getting one this year since Fuller’s brother is due about the same time as our annual family tradition of passing around cold/ flu/ West Nile germs. Instead of a fifth shot, the doctor recommended the flu mist, which Fuller sniffed like a champ.

The climax of the visit came when Fuller had to get his four boosters. I had an internal debate over how or if to prepare Fuller for the shots, and decided to just try to distract him. Um, it didn’t work. He cried and cried and said the “lady doctor” (actually the same nurse who he thanked earlier) hurt him four times. A piece of Halloween candy helped, but didn’t stop him from telling anyone about his four boo boos.

I have to praise God for the healthy boy we have in our lives. He is a joy and we love him more and more every day. When he comes back from Alabama tomorrow, I’m going to give him an extra big hug. It brings me joy.

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  1. He’s sure growing up, and it’s so funny how he’s the same height that he weighs. I don’t think either of my boys ever got those exact measurements like that. That’s pretty cool actually :)

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