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I’m developed a bit of a neurotic tendency to try and keep my family healthy this winter. I really don’t want us ill over the holidays and getting it in January/ February like we did the last two years really doesn’t work when you are prepping to add a new member of the family to the shared household germs.

When I sent Damon and Fuller off for the weekend, I put chapstick in their game day bag. But I didn’t just put in one tube, but I put in two labeled tubes- one label for Damon and one for Fuller. I think that is one of many ways we pass around germs and I decided to try and stop that.

Today we found out one of our friends, and Damon’s co-worker, has pneumonia. He’s been sick for a few weeks and I really hope he gets better quickly. But now, I’m ready to march Damon over to the minute clinic to get his own flu shot.

I know a flu shot doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get sick, but I just need to start making sure we do what we can to stay healthy.

Maybe this is my way of nesting. Flu shots, obsessively washing hands, and telling Fuller to keep his hands out of his mouth a hundred times a day will be worth it to just enjoy Fuller’s new brother and not have to dole out medicine at the same time.


  1. ha ha. good luck with that! :-) with aaron being a school teacher we are guaranteed to get germs and stuff, and yet i feel that we stay surprisingly healthy. although about 1 week after nathaniel was born (aaron’s 1st month teaching) we all got really sick, not fun. i made aaron not touch the baby for like a whole week – it was kinda sad but kept the baby from getting sick. now we just have the occasional cold.

  2. Add LOTS of Vitamin C to your daily menu and you probably WON’T get sick. I give Jade chewable C (500 mg) every day- and if he seems like he is getting a cold I immediately break out the Zicam and double his C. Just make sure you aren’t getting C that has aspartame (Phenylalanine) because it would defeat the purpose in the long run- see here:
    I take 1000 mgs a day as well….works great!

    Good luck with your healthy winter!

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