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Fending off the curse

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Yesterday after Sunday School Fuller ran up to me to tell me exciting! news! Except, when he spoke, it sounded like he had just finished his pack of cigarettes, and it was awful.

He drank some water and it got a little better, but later that evening we asked him to stop talking because his voice needed a rest.

This morning my little man still has a husky old man voice with a side order of coughing.

Hi! We are the Crumleys and we are expecting a new baby any day now. Let’s bring the babe home to the house of sick.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

The end of January/ beginning of February is usually when our family seems to find some respiratory illness to keep us inside and hoping the useless hope of not wanting others in the family to get it. And on this second day of February, I am praying really hard this cough doesn’t turn into something worse.

Won’t you pray too? I’m off to make the orange juice.

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  1. i will pray for you. my kids have been coughing since Christmas and i have had bronchitis since new years. everyone at church seems to be sick too…..
    god will take care of you guys!
    drink plenty of liquids, lots of vitamin C & zinc, and lots of rest!

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