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Almost Baby Number Two’s Name


not ready yet

As of this post, the baby’s not here yet. So, I thought I’d write about a name that had serious consideration for Son #2 – Kermit Roosevelt Crumley.

Kermit Roosevelt was the 2nd son of President Teddy Roosevelt. Kermit displayed many of his dad’s traits, namely a keen intellect and a love of exploring the outdoors.

Sadly, the name Kermit will be forever synonymous with that damnable green frog, and therefore passes from consideration. It’s probably just as well considering Kermit Roosevelt battled chronic depression and alcoholism most of his life, until finally committing suicide while stationed in a far-off Alaskan base during WW2.

Another incidental strike against the name – Kermit Roosevelt Jr. was the CIA mastermind behind the overthrow of Iran’s government and installation of the Shah of Iran. As such, the name is vilified throughout the Muslim world and would surely limit my boy’s options in the international intelligence community.

So now, we bid adieu to thoughts of what might have been. Farewell, Kermit Roosevelt Crumley. We never knew you.

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  1. I had a great-uncle Kermit. :-) He was my grandpa Arnet’s brother. Both interesting names, I think!

    Carries last blog post..So this is interesting

  2. Think of the amazonian canoe adventures and African safaris he would have with that name!

    Franklin Delano is still on your short list, I presume?

  3. Why would we want to name him after the father of America’s longest Socialist period (the current one not withstanding)?

  4. Aren’t you guys Auburn fans? Tebow is a Gator name…..

  5. Goodbye Kermit! Welcome Tebow Sanford

    graces last blog post..Happy Feet!

  6. Sabrina,
    Yeah, we’re Auburn fans. Yet Tim Tebow is such a quality guy, we think he’s a fitting role model anyway. Also, Auburn’s the only SEC team Tebow never beat, so it’s OK.

  7. Your future son thanks you tremendously for not naming him Kermit…. or Gonzo or Fozzy Bear.

    Clares last blog post..Top Chef Tastebuds!

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  9. I personally LOVE the name Kermit!

    wellreadkittys last blog post..Internet blackout – February 23, 2009

  10. He is precious and looks so much like Fuller.

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