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Naming your baby “Tebow” will draw the attention of the Internet.


With college football out-of-season, I guess fans needed something to keep themselves interested. The internet’s response to our son’s name has been… polarized. Here’s what folks are saying about his name (paraphrased for sake of civility).

Tebow Name Responses

I personally find it funny how, in a year where thousands of babies are going to be named “Barack”, naming a baby “Tebow” is considered shocking. So much so, that it warrants some extremely less-than-charitable comments from folks. And yet, the amount of bile directed at Tebow’s name is probably just a fraction of what his namesake endures. I certainly have a greater appreciation for how Tim Tebow conducts himself, and am even prouder to have a son named after him.


  1. Ha! My favorite reaction is “Could be worse, he coulda named him after one of Auburn’s QBs.”

    Tebow seems like a great guy, and your son will appreciate the name one day.

  2. LOL, I live in Florida, my daughter was born at UF, and I didn’t know who Tebow was at first, I just thought it was a cute name! It is different which I like, and named after a great player, even better (lol, now that I know who he is!– hubby could have killed me when I didn’t know!)

    either way, don’t let nosy people get you down! it is a great name!

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  3. How dare you not name his something like 99% of the population – you know….John, Mark, David, Tim – blah blah blah (lol NO offense to anyone named those either!!!!) It’s unique and different! As long as you and Alli love it, what else matters to be honest?? It’s a great name for a beautiful little boy!

  4. Pooey on those cranky people. The name rocks. Both your boys have great strong names that I’m sure they’ll love later on in life.

    BTW, great pie chart!!!

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  5. Judging from the photos in Flickr, Tebow seems to be completely undone by the entire kerfuffle. So much so, he’s fallen sound asleep — obviously in an attempt to escape the miasma of vitriol and bitterness.

    Or he just might not give two pins on a flying stick. That’s a possibility, too. :) (So many other things to think about when you’re a baby.)

    Congratulations, you guys. He’s soooo adorable.


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  6. You guys are awesome. Great chart.

  7. As long as you didn’t name him Adolf Hitler, we’re cool. Cause you KNOW how difficult it is to get a birthday cake that reads “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler”!

    In all seriousness, it’s your choice, and I love it. Even if I didn’t love it, it’s still your choice…and as long as YOU all love it, what does it matter what the rest of us think?

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  8. When I told my daughter, Sammie, Tebow’s name – her instant response was that she had to tell her girlfriend at school!! Apparently this girl at school is OBSESSED with Tim Tebow, and she said, “She is gonna want to MEET that baby!!!” LOL!!!

    I love your pie chart and your brainy (read:nerdy) way of handling this whole situation! 😉

    And oh my goodness, that little Tebow – he is absolutely scrumptious! And a little loud, I hear, too! Heehee! (And no, I don’t mean I can hear him from Alabama!) 😉

  9. he is going to be getting some awesome hardcore nicknames in school. no one will mess with Tebow 😀

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