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This morning’s paper had a nice article in it about local bloggers. One of the bloggers is me! The article is online here. But I thought it looked nicer in print (it’s a pdf), which also happens to be where you can see a picture of me and the boys.

When they asked to send a photographer to take my picture, I asked if the photographer could meet me at the playground. For one thing I didn’t want to clean the house. And two, I didn’t know how well I could contain the kids while there was company. The playground seemed like a good idea.

The photographer was very nice, though he did ask me what a blog was. He then tried to find some sort of inspiration for his assignment. He was asked to get a mug shot (which they didn’t use) and a portrait. Since it was a story on blogging, and after I explained what a blog was, he asked me if I brought a computer. I think I laughed. I might be a busy blogger, but being at the playground with a laptop isn’t me. Mainly because there isn’t wi-fi there. (I kid, I kid!)

Once I told him I fit under the “mommy blogger” category, the inspiration hit and suddenly the kids were in the portrait. It was an amusing 30 or more minutes where we tried to get Fuller into looking at a “birdie” instead of running around and throwing mulch. Fuller wanted to slide, we wanted him to stand still. Fuller wanted to play tag, we needed him to not lean on Mommy so much. Fuller wanted to climb the rock wall, we needed him to look at the camera.

I think the photographer got a very decent picture. And if you are new here because of the article, welcome! I hope you come back soon.


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  2. Way to go Ali! Just think… I knew you when…….


    Congrats on some great coverage in the past few months!

  3. You are a Mommy media mogul.

    It’s always weird trying to explain what a blog is. I still have coworkers who think I have an online store.

    Tina Kubalas last blog post..Mud Meme: Stealing Sunday

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