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water heater framing While Fuller, Tebow, and I have been whooping it up in Texas, Damon has been back in Tennessee working on a house project- the laundry room/ mudroom drywall!

When we renovated the kitchen, we knocked down the walls to the “third bedroom” (more like a closet) and made a bathroom off Fuller’s room and enlarged the kitchen to include a laundry area and mudroom-like area in the back. While the kitchen has walls, the laundry room and mudroom had studs. Which is why the project of the last week was putting up drywall!

It’s been fun watching the pictures go up on Flickr (we are a 3 camera family) and see the progress. When I get home I’ll be involved in the priming and painting, so I’m starting to think about paint colors.

I’ve really appreciated the work Damon (and Ed!) have done this week and in the past on making our house a home. I know it has taken us a lot longer to do the work ourselves, but it was/ is Damon’s dream to restore a house himself.

Now I know we could have gone with a contractor who would have told us how, when, where, and how much, but I never would have known how to go about 1)finding a contractor and 2) how to know he/ she was reliable and trustworthy. I’ve heard stories about people hiring contractors who quote one thing and then charge another. Or the contractor never finishes a job. It is rare for me to hear a good story about a contractor, which makes me glad I’m married to a man willing to do all the work himself.

Servicespider_logo But, if we were into finding a contractor, I know there are so many resources we could use to be matched with a good one. After quizzing our friends for months, we might head to the internet to check out, a resource that allows us to post projects (everything from drywall to carpet cleaning) and have contractors bid on them. The contractors are prescreened through Service Spider, so you should be getting good bids from good contractors.

Sadly, Service Spider does not have any contractors listed in their directory for the Tennessee Valley area (no NW Georgia either). But if you are in my area and know of one, maybe you can tell them about getting listed in the directory. Or they can go to to get help with their own online presence.

But for now, I’m happy to get to go home to my husband and see the work he has accomplished. And then I’ll be happy to find my paint roller.


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