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I need help taunting Atlanta


CFC ExcitementThis Saturday, the Chattanooga Futbol Club is playing their inaugural match, against Atlanta. I’d like to make some signs and I’m having trouble coming up with not-too-offensive anti-Atlanta soccer slogans. Can others make some suggestions?

Subjects I’m considering lampooning:

    Atlanta’s urban sprawl
    Atlanta’s attempted theft of Chattanooga’s water
    Plays on the name “Atlanta” and its similarity to “Atlantis”
    The illusory high-speed train
    Our mutual insistence that Dalton belongs to the other metro area

All ideas will be considered. Thank you.


  1. I vote for really bad, common sense one liners. Things that are obviously true stated as if they are hilariously funny.

    Atlanta – you have bad traffic.

    Atlanta – Stone Mountain is a big rock.

    Colleens last blog post..cum laude is one of those phrases…

  2. I just got a verbal suggestion from a co-worker:
    Take “trendy/ classic” T-Shirt slogans and add the word “Atlanta” to them.

    My favorite: “Atlanta Happens.”

  3. I like “Stone Mountain is a big rock.” At least we have some decent mountains. Or I like the subject of them trying to steal our water. You will post what you come up with, right?

  4. I really should not poke in…. it’s my age that makes me do this. I would like to give one without knowing nothing about either one.

    “Sock Atlanta back in their own water”
    Thanks for letting me join in.
    Love ya’ll
    Aunt Nita

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