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Let’s talk about the weather


Sights of progress

Last weekend, Fuller, Tebow and I were having fun heading out to various outings and gatherings. Damon was busy measuring, cutting, and nailing. Progress on the storage situation in our mudroom/ laundry room was happening! It was wonderful.

And then Monday, it started raining. And it’s been raining. Well, it’s been raining on and off, but enough “on” so that progress halted for the week.

It’s been frustrating. Damon had a good momentum going and has been wanting to get going again. And I have been whining and moaning patiently waiting to get my kitchen completely back. Right now, it is pretty cramped and confining. The laundry room shelves are making the space in front of the sink into our own personal “Fat Man’s Squeeze.” My island counter space is cut in half due to objects previously on shelves temporarily vacationing on the island. And the microwave has been moved, making it kind of comical when Damon goes to use the microwave and heads to the counter where it used to be.

I loathe making breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ midnight snacks because of the lack of space. And if I get food prepared, I loathe cleaning up. Then again, that part isn’t related to lack of kitchen space.

So, the weather. We need it stay dry so Damon can continue working. He has to use the backyard as his cutting area. If he can’t cut, he can’t install and if he can’t install, he can’t make cubbies and shelves. And if he can’t… well, you get the idea. We need dry weather so we can keep this project moving. So, everybody say it with me..

Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day! (Just not Sunday or Monday or Tuesday, just in case he can’t finish on Saturday.)

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