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Chattanooga FC vs. Rocket City United Observations


Fuller at Rocket City

Fuller and I decided to make the two-hour trip down to Huntsville for Chattanooga Futbol Club’s 2nd game of the season against Huntsville’s NPSL team, Rocket City United. Thanks to our trusty GPS, we arrived at John Hunt Park (their city’s soccer complex) with about 30 minutes to spare.

On away trips, I like seeing how CFC measures up to the competition. Here are some impressions of RCU:

  • JHP is a pretty nice facility. It was clean, well mowed and easily accessed from the highway. The place definitely has a sports park vibe that’s less “grand” than a stadium, but it really works for family outings.
  • RCU’s ticket and parking prices are about double CFC’s. Adult & Youth tickets are $10 & $7 compared to $5 & $3 for us. However, they do cut you a break by setting youth ages at 10 to 17, so families with lots of kids won’t have to break the bank.
  • What RCU lacks in graphic design (their logo kinda looks like a kid threw it together in MS Paint), they make up for in site decoration and SWAG. Vinyl player posters lined the walkways, fans received signed souvenir balls, and a local radio station had a remote broadcast setup. Nice.
  • Bounce house. Small, but nice.
  • Concession prices were VERY reasonable. Drinks were $2 (including a plastic souvenir cup) and candy or regular popcorn were $1. For an additional dollar, they offered popcorn inside a souvenir megaphone. Nice.
  • Club members have access to the hospitality tent, which provides hot food and drinks (soft drinks, tea, & coffee; perhaps alcohol too?). Membership has its privileges.
  • RCU has a mascot – Rocketman. Unfortunitly, it was NOT William Shatner.

All-in-all, a very well managed program.

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