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Changing diapers is fun!


Yes, yes, I think changing diapers is fun. It is fun now that our family has started the switch to cloth diapers!

I know I blogged about it before Tebow made his arrival- I wanted to make the switch from disposables to cloth diapers. For me, it isn’t about being green, it’s about saving the green. I would get a knot in my stomach every time we bought disposable diapers. It just seemed like such a waste.

But making the switch completely was going to take some green that we just didn’t have. Plus, a friend of mine gave me the advice to not worry about cloth diapering (and all the decisions that went with it) until after we got to know our new kid. It totally took some stress off, but finally it came down to it- I didn’t want to keep buying disposables.

So, Damon and I hashed it out and decided to look at some different cloth diapering options. We bought a few, borrowed others, and I decided I really, really like the All-in-ones, one sized cloth diapers.

You might be thinking, what? In fact when I say cloth diaper, this is probably what you see:


And yes, this kind of diapers (known as prefolds), are still used by many cloth diapering parents. But cloth diapering has evolved into some easier and waaaaay cuter methods of cloth diapering. I tried the prefolds and it was ok, but not that easy. The all-in-ones are diaper covers where you stuff a pocket with an absorbent insert, which pulls away wetness, similar to disposables. When dirty, you just remove the diaper and wash it all later (every other day). If they are one sized, it means the diaper can be used from birth to potty training (usually).

They look like this:

We own four of these Bumgenius brand diapers- two we bought and two were gifts. So far, these are my favorites- easy to put on and no leaks ever.


We have four Smartipants– three were my Mother’s Day gift and one I won from @thesmartipants on twitter. I like these because the insert comes out on its own in the wash. I’m not used to the snaps yet, so I have had some leaks around the waist.


We have two of these Fuzzi Bunz that I won from @diapershops on twitter. Again, the snaps I’m still getting used to. Also, the gussets on the leg openings are adjustable and I am still trying to figure out which setting they should be on. But these diapers are so soft!

So far, our cloth diaper stash is up to ten (and five were “free!”). I use them all and then throw them in the wash. While they wash, I use disposables. I would really like to have eight more, which would keep us from using disposables at all! We are a cloth diapering family now, and I now think changing diapers is fun! (Of course Tebow is still just nursing, so that attitude might change. But right now, it is fun. I promise!)

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  1. That is all I had with the first three. On France, I would hang them out on the line and in the winter they would freez. I would bring them in and stand them on the floor. Have funwith all you do for and with them. Keep up the good work!

    Love to all,
    Aunt Nita

    Aunt Juanitas last blog post..Life rolls on

  2. I had many cloth diapers. They all got washed and hung out to dry until I got my first dryer half-way through Tom’s nursing years. I can say yea to Aunt Nita’s comment about standing the frozen diapers on the floor! The freezing made the cloth so soft and the frozen wetness went off into the atmosphere rather quickly. As an ex-chemistry teacher I have forgotten the name of the process of going from frozen water to the ‘gaseous’ state. Used to amaze the Alabama students that I wasn’t telling a fast one! Sorry of memory problems!

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