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This Parent’s Choice


Tebow turned 5 months old over a week ago. I still have to make his well baby appointment, so I don’t have official stats, but when we weighed him over the 4th he weighed 19 pounds. I’m sure he’s up to 20 now.

People always comment on his size, usually focusing on the delicious rolls of his thighs. I tend to reply to people, “Well, we keep feeding him.”

And feeding him we are. Until recently he was mostly nursed. We started adding formula to evening feedings and a few weeks ago he started rice cereal.

I’m pretty sure by Tebow’s six month birthday he will be getting more formula, since I’ll be weaning him from nursing. Which then brings up the question- what formula to use? Right now, his evening bottles are made with the free stuff we have stockpiled- Similac and Enfamil. But I know purchasing those brands is expensive.

When Fuller was “on the bottle” he got the Parent’s Choice brand because my SIL told me something amazing about it- when you made it, there were no bubbles in the bottle. I don’t know how it happened, but no bubbles made it a better formula for Fuller. He had a much less upset tummy when he was on Parent’s Choice.

Now I have another reason to choose Parent’s Choice- cost. If you check out this baby formula savings calculator, Parent’s Choice is always cheaper. If we start Tebow on 100% formula feedings from six months until a year old, we would save anywhere from $59.99 and $56.94 a month.

This kind of savings has the attention of Consumer Reports which is recommending Parent’s Choice (and other generic brands) because of their lower cost and still meeting the FDA required nutrition specifications.

So we have my SIL recommendation, our past experience, the Consumer Reports strong suggestion, and significant cost savings… I’m pretty sure, Parent’s Choice will once again be our family’s formula of choice.


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