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Desert before lunch


dessert before lunch

On Saturday Damon took off for the Auburn game with a friend, leaving Fuller, Tebow, and I to find fun here on Saturday. Instead of staying home and making sure Fuller had clean underwear on Monday (he does!) we took off for a gala. The neighborhood elementary school is undergoing change and people are getting heavily involved to make sure the change is for the better. The gala was an effort to show off the school and neighborhood services available to students and the community.

We went because there was free food and a bouncy house. Oh, and to support the school (something I did a lot of last year in the form of cookies and cupcakes). But mainly the free food and bouncy house were what drew us over there.

Since before last week we have been a bit preoccupied to fit in all things necessary into our days. We had playdates to keep, travel to accomplish, travel to recover from, laundry to start, laundry to finish, school work to plan and do, and somewhere in there we had to keep Tebow happy (not always successful in that). I have had many moments in the last two weeks where I had to ask, “Where did the day go? How did I not accomplish anything?” I’d see that we spent most of the day out of the house, and suddenly it would be 4 o’clock before we cracked open a school book.

It is often we push aside the fun stuff in order to get through our itemized to-do lists. But I have to remind myself, just like in the above picture, sometimes it is ok to have desert before lunch. So what if we start school at 4? At this point in our lives school doesn’t take that long, so scheduling morning playdates or museum trips is fine… it all gets done eventually. A few extra dishes in the sink isn’t going to ruin a trip to the playground and this past Saturday letting Fuller loose in a bouncy house instead of doing laundry was worth the sweat and sore feet.

As we work to figure out the rhythm of our days, I think scheduling a few deserts before lunch will help me feel less like I haven’t accomplished anything and more like desert is still something and it was great!

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