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First official field trip


Well, it finally happened! We’ve been doing school since August and had signed up for several field trips through our homeschool group. But due to rain and problems with rescheduling, we were down to one field trip and crossing our fingers we would actually get to go. It was supposed to be last Friday. Then it was supposed to be Tuesday. And finally we all convened at Mercy Stables this morning for a time of learning about farms, petting a miniature horse, taking a hay ride, and enjoying a picnic lunch together in the barn.

2009 October 29 :: Mercy Stable Fieldtrip

Fuller dressed in his cowboy boots and red cowboy hat (though it is getting too small and he took it off when it was hurting him), so he could be like a real cowboy. He was so excited to be on a field trip and took Alice and Caleb as his buddies (for the buddy system).

It was encouraging to be with other homeschool families for a while. I had great conversations with other moms and I look forward to more interaction with kids Fuller’s age. I think he liked it too.

Pictures here.

P.S. Oh, just remembered this tidbit. Fuller might be allergic to hay. It took several hours for me to clue in- he was sneezing and sneezing and it was a bit disgusting. So I gave him a kid’s allergy pill and made him change his clothes since that was probably what was continuing the irritation. By bedtime he was no longer sneezing, but he was a little stuffed up. Guess I’ll cancel his hay baling lessons tomorrow. We might just head to the aquarium for some Halloween fun.

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