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In recovery


So, this has been a rough week, healthwise.

Damon had a painful surgery and has been home recovering/ trying to stay on top of work.

I have had bronchitis. Even though the doctor on Monday told me I didn’t, the doctor I saw today told me I did. After one antibiotic pill, I can tell I’m going to get better.

Tebow has come down with a cold and his nasty nose is running faster than the kleenex in my hand.

Fuller has had a cold and on Wednesday evening he broke out in another round of hives. It is usually a once a year experience, but this year it actually bothered him by causing him to itch all over.

So, we are going to do our best to recover this weekend. We are traveling next week and just wouldn’t want to do it while sick, itching, or in pain. Here’s to vitamin C, antibiotics, and pain pills!

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