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Happy to know I can go home again

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The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Damon and I were discussing our exit strategy for leaving Chattanooga for the holiday. We had been planning on going to Ohio where my mother has moved back to my folk’s house while my dad is still working in Texas. We knew Damon’s recovery from surgery was going to be a variable for when exactly we would go up there… Tuesday was most likely.

But with me having bronchitis and the kids being a bit cooped up and running amok, we decided that morning to pack it up and head on up to Ohio for a little help from my mom. We were on the road by 6 and thanks to priceline, we were in a motel room at midnight. On Sunday morning we rolled into Dayton, into the open arms of my mom who was waiting with a big smile on her face.

Since I was twelve, the motto on my side of the family has been “Home is where the Air Force sends you.” And while their location has changed five times since I graduated from high school, I can still say that I do feel like I am returning home whenever I visit my parents.

It isn’t about the house. It’s about the people inside of it. My mom and dad have always made sure there is room for their children and extended families in their home. And I’ve always known that if we needed help in any form, their home would be open to our family while it was needed.

Our little family is blessed because not only is it like that from my side of the family, but I know Damon’s family is the same way. My in-laws built their retirement home with space (and bathrooms!) for all of us. If our plans for Thanksgiving had been to go South, but we wanted to go earlier to get some help while we recovered from illness, Albert and Linda would have been happily waiting for us with open arms.

I know not all of our friends have that in their lives. Some friends’ parents are deceased or they are estranged. So on Thursday we gave thanks for family and the love we have for one another. It is just so awesome to know I can go home again.

Vieja and Tebow

Thanks mom for a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you at Christmas (when the WHOLE family will be there)!
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  1. What a blessing! My parents are the same way! My goodness your baby is CUUUUUTE!
    .-= Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog ..Uncle Paul Meets Bon Jovi: Make a Memory =-.

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