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Santa meetup

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We took the boys to see Santa at the Choo Choo yesterday. While we don’t “do” Santa at home, we are open to photo ops of all kinds.

Fuller hasn’t grown up with Santa as his provider of gifts. He is well aware there is a Santa story somewhere in the Christmas mix, but it was recently evident to me how there are still some things we should talk about.

When we were leaving our viewing of Annie, Santa was around for kids to see and have a photo op. The line was quickly getting long and I was ready to go back to Mom’s, so I told Fuller we would find Santa somewhere in Chattanooga. My mom made a comment about how Santa is split up during the holidays so you see him in lots of places.

Fuller’s response was to loudly proclaim, “Well, I KNOW Santa is just make believe…”

Fuller was in the midst of crowd of parents and young children. I could have gone through the floor.

While I am happy that our son understands Santa isn’t real, I am NOT in the business of ruining other families’ Christmas practices. So we had to have a quick, hushed conversation about how some kids do think Santa is real and he should just keep quiet for now.

One Comment

  1. Ha! I remember my mom having a big talk with me about how I couldn’t tell anyone in my class that Santa wasn’t real because some kids believed in him.

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