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Not the new normal


As is appropriate at the beginning of the new year, I have been reflecting and looking forward. And when it comes to our family, I have decided that we have yet to find the new normal after adding Tebow to our lives.

It isn’t like we were completely in sync with one another before he was born, and I know we all knew things would be hairy for a little while afterward, but looking back, I think I can say we never found a groove to keep our family life running smoothly

We have been in a kind of flux for the last few months of 2009. It’s nothing I can really blog about right now, but it has been unsettling and left us with a lot of questions and no real answers. It left me a tad paralyzed, so routines were thrown to the side, papers piled up, and rules were ignored.

To make it even more unsettling (at least to me) the beginning of 2010 doesn’t look like a great time to be laying down new goals or routines.

I realized that the other day when I was trying to think about 2010 goals for our family. Anything I pin down as needing improvement or embellishment will probably have to wait until answers are given, recovery is complete, and our outlook is clearer.

BUT. It’s ok.

Because I can always tell myself (and my family) “We take it one day at a time.”

Day three of 2010 saw us recovering from illness. One room in the house got clean. And that’s ok.

Tomorrow I will set a goal (probably small) for that day. One day at a time. And 2010 has 362 more of them.


  1. Back when I cleaned house with kids around I did one room a day on days that did not include laundry. With our small house each room got cleaned at least once every two weeks. Sometimes Albert would do the tub for me.

  2. I try and get Joe for us to do at least one load of laundry a day. Also, keep the rooms guest will see tidy. A tidy room looks really clean. But then not many men notice things.
    You should have know our Mother. You could eat off the floors. Most of all enjoy your family they are all gone so fast.

    God Bless,
    Aunt Nita
    .-= Aunt Juanita´s last blog ..ANOTHER ROLL TIDE/IN CALIFORNIA =-.

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