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We are all better now, thanks. (Stomach bugs be gone!)

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It started with him…

2009 Christmas Trip :: Sick boy

While other children in the house were sniffling, sneezing, and coughing, Fuller was declaring his tummy hurt, taking an uncharacteristic late nap, and then throwing up in my bed.

Poor baby.

He spent the last night of 2009 in a sick stupor, sleeping on the basement floor (until Daddy carried him to bed) and fighting a slight fever.

It took him almost two days (which included the drive back to Chattanooga) to get over it, but he did.

Apparently, he had to share. Tebow, whose previous symptoms were more like a magic trick where he turned his nose into a snot faucet, suddenly threw up on Monday night. Instead of doing in my bed like his brother, he just decided to throw up on me and the kitchen floor. Oh, and Tebow can throw up through his nose. (GROSS!)

Wednesday morning the gift was passed on to Damon. And instead of waiting around, it was given to me on Thursday.

Fortunately for us, it only lasted 24 hours (or less), so now we are back to normal. If we can figure out what normal is. Probably more laundry and less whining.

One Comment

  1. Glad you are all on the mend. Stomach bugs are not fun to have or pass around. I think Fuller’s face says it all in that picture.

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