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2009 Christmas Eve :: New PJs I have decided the reason parents like to give kids new pajamas on Christmas Eve is so the pictures they take Christmas morning shows the kids in crisp (slept-in) clothes. I like the idea of giving my kid the PJs so the pictures I take look nice. And this year was the first year we did it!

I actually never really gave the Christmas morning PJs much thought, except in 2006 when we went to Lake Martin and I forgot to pack Fuller ANY PJs. Damon and I found ourselves at a tiny dollar store trying to cobble together an acceptable pajama ensemble so he looked ok on Christmas morning.

This year I spent quite some time looking for PJs for Fuller because all of his current pajamas are actually on the too small side. While he is quite skinny and can squeeze into them ok, it shows how much height he has gained when his long sleeved pajama tops look like short sleeves and his long pants are all high waters.

Which leads me to my purge point: we have started to purge the house as we ready for the next big renovation. And purging means I will finally go through Fuller’s drawers and remove all items that are too small for him. Which will cut down on the amount of time he spends doing his morning jobs, because I haven’t had to tell him to go change because the shirt he put on is too small for him.

Happy purging! It’s a new year, time to take out the old.

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