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Temporary Re-location :: Almost Vacation, but not quite


Last Wednesday the kids and I packed up the car (I did most of the packing, Tebow did a lot of whining, and Fuller was fetching things like a good kid), kissed Damon goodbye (though I did help him move our bed first), and drove to Lake Martin to spend a few weeks with Grandpa Albert and Grandma Linda.

While trips to Lake Martin are usually of the rest/ relaxation/ spoil the grandkids variety, this trip is actually more of a relocation for us for a few weeks. We fled from Chattanooga with the dream of returning to a home with a newly renovated master bedroom/ main bathroom.

Yes, that is right! Damon has made the foray into the final big project for renovating our fixer-upper! I’m beyond excited, but I sit lakeside enjoying pretty sunsets and nature walks, my husband has been tirelessly working in the evenings doing demo work, plumbing, and framing. From what I understand work on the new drywall began today, so things are progressing.

Our time here at Lake Martin is relaxing (this place kind of oozes relaxation) but I have cracked the whip a little, bringing the homeschool books, pencils, and even the safety scissors to keep us moving along in the education arena. But we have traveled a little- visiting Grandma Great in Auburn yesterday. Fuller and I took in the Kentucky versus Auburn basketball game last Saturday, which really added to the family fun (it was like a little mother-son date!).

We hope to go back in the next few weeks, but until then we are looking forward to seeing the changes and enjoying our time here in Alabama.

ducks like sunsets too


  1. A bad day at Lake Martin is better than a good day in any town.

  2. Pardon me. There are no bad days at Lake Martin. Only good days versus really great days.

  3. Work here progresses. All drywall has been hung and seams taped & mudded. Tomorrow is first sanding. I bought the last quartz heater Walmart had (a display model) to make that infra-red paint remover I read about after the last time we stripped paint.

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