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Over the lips, past the gums…


While we have been visiting/ living in Lake Martin, we have had been blessed with some tasty treats.

the subtraction lesson

These brownies were made by Fuller and me soon after our visit began. Grandma Linda was given a Perfect Brownie Pan as a Christmas gift, so we thought it the perfect time to try it out! It really did make brownies well. (There is an entire flickr set of the process, in case you want to see how the pan really works.)

squid lunch with friends

These funny looking things are “squid” in the making. We went into Montgomery to visit a friend and she was so clever to make this fun lunch for the kiddos. You cut up hot dogs, stick in pieces of spaghetti, then boil them until the spaghetti is cooked al dente. When you pull it out of the water, you have squid!

rootbeer floats!

Last Friday I went to a gourmet grocery store with Linda and came home with a few delicacies such as microbrewed rootbeer. I thought it would be fun to introduce Fuller to rootbeer floats. (Sidenote: a freezer without ice cream at Grandpa Albert’s must be a broken freezer.) Fuller liked it, and since a full bottle was too much for Fuller, I got to have some too.

It was during the root beer float fun that Grandpa Albert taught Fuller how to say, “Over the lips, past the gums, look out stomach, here it comes!” Fuller worked so hard to learn it and say it right. Now, if only he would finally remember the days of the week.


  1. I love your blog! Fuller is so cute!

  2. I’d love a root beer float. Haven’t had one in ever so long. One thing, or rather another thing, that I learned from my mother!

  3. I really love brownies! It makes my mouth melt when I saw the picture. The hotdogs with spaghetti sticks are so cute. They are unique. Thanks for sharing this blog to us.
    Jane Levington´s last blog post ..Smoke Restaurant

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