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If Glee can come back from hiatus, I guess we can too


I know in TVLand there have been several TV shows that break from a season with no real loose ends and when they return from hiatus, life has changed so drastically viewers are left with mixed emotions ranging from “huh?” to “man, I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

If our blog were a TV show, this episode would probably open with us packing up our car and Fuller tearfully asking, “But Mommy, why are we going to Ohio? Why can’t Daddy come with us?” And then, because the show is relying on drama to pull up the ratings, I would reply, “Well sweetie, when you are homeless, you have to make some sacrifices.”

Then there would be a commercial break and all of the internet would be twittering with questions like “Homeless? Why are the Crumleys homeless?”

When the commercials for digestive yogurt, portable storage units, and the teaser for the night’s evening news were over, viewers would be treated with flashbacks of what had happened in the last two months:

~a montage of HGTV/ Extreme Makeover Home Edition type scenes would show our house being invaded by carpenters and home stagers

~the excited planting of a “for sale” sign in our yard

~the whirlwind of house showings leading to a contract on our house in two days

~sadness over not getting the first house we wanted to buy

~tension mounting over the bidding war we entered for the second house we wanted

(and because this is a two hour episode)

~joy over getting the house we really wanted

leading us up to the tearful point in the show where Fuller wants to know why we have to be homeless…

Well, this isn’t a TV show. Instead it is our life and while we don’t have the dramatic backdrop of mood music and witty writing, it does kind of fill in the blanks of what our lives have been like since we got back from Alabama in February.

We got our house ready to sell, sold our house in two days, found a new one, and now we have closing dates weeks apart. Yes, this means we will be kind of homeless for a little while. Yes, the boys and I will go stay with my mom in Ohio and Damon will be here, going to work and making tick marks somewhere, counting the days until we return.

But when we return… oh boy. The excitement of moving to a new house keeps me from napping. I have been scouring the HGTV website for ideas and clues as to what life in our new house can look like.

If our blog was a TV show I’m sure it would be exciting. But right now, I’m pretty excited to be living this life.

yup, it's for real


  1. glad to have you guys back! been wondering at more detail than we get from FB status reports. :-)

  2. Glad you’re back. Wow quite a bit going on lately. Can’t wait to see pics of the new house.

  3. Your new house is beautiful…is it in that subdivision going towards Fort Oglethorpe from Ridgeland High School? It looks like it but just thought I’d ask.

    Again, Congrats!! on selling your house so quick and your new house. I’m sure the boys will love it!!

  4. Sounds like quite the comeback episode! If only Mr. Schuester was your realtor….or even Sue Sylvester…. Congrats on the house! :)
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..Tuesday Travel Day: April 27th. =-.

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