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Ways to get your kid excited about moving


When we were pregnant with Tebow, I agonized over how exactly to explain to Fuller we were going to be adding a new person to the family. I really couldn’t tell how he would react and it worried me to some hormone-driven degree. In the end it worked out ok, and it has been 14 months since Tebow arrived and Fuller is just NOW realizing how intrusive the new family member can be.

With all the agonizing I did, I’m actually kind of surprised at how nonchalant I was about telling Fuller we decided to sell our house and move to a new one. Maybe it was because I have moved houses nine times in my life (not including all the moving I did in college- from the dorms to the apartments then back to the dorms then back to the apartments) and it seems like it should be no big deal. Or maybe it was because I let Damon tell Fuller.

Oh, but I still got stressed (because that is how I roll). It wasn’t about how Fuller would react to moving, but how he would react to the act of moving. Sure the idea of a new house is really awesome (a promise of a tree house helped too), but when it comes to putting our belongings in storage, specifically Fuller’s belongings, that’s where the mother-worry and stress came into play.

So, what kind of advice do I have now that we have reached the point of almost no furniture and the in-house maze of boxes? Well, I guess it goes like this:

1) When packing your kid’s belongings (especially toys) tell him/ her they will get to see them again at the new house. What we did was get Fuller to help with the sorting, dividing toys into the “give away” and “store” categories. Then I got to pick certain toys that would stay here at the house until the last days. (Um, we started storing stuff in January, so a lot of the boys’ toys have been out of sight for a while.)

2) Talk about the new experiences in the new house. We are buying a house that will allow us a schoolroom/ office. Fuller was so excited telling the Lowe’s appliance salesperson about our new schoolroom, I wished we had moved in already. Also, the aforementioned tree house is high on Fuller’s list of expectations. We also have a special “Fuller space” being planned so he can safely play with toys that Tebow can’t play with.

3) Let the kid make the house his/ hers too. Speaking of a “Fuller space,” the boys will be sharing a room. Fuller has his hand in decorating by approving on of the paint colors. If you know Fuller well, you know his favorite color is green. So, green will be in the boys’ room. Also, I’ll let him unpack his own things. I’m all about teaching my kid that life skill.

4) Give thoughtful answers to questions about the new house. While Fuller has been excited about moving, he has had questions about certain things. He wanted to know where the freezer would go. I told him probably the garage. He thought that was crazy. So, I had to expand my answer to explain there was space there for it to live and no space upstairs.

5) Set up the Wii immediately. Ok, this one isn’t really universal, but it’s like this: when we got back from Alabama in February we sold our TVs. Fuller hasn’t been able to play Wii since (well, once at a friend’s house and once when we went back to Alabama for a weekend) and he has suffered. He has been told over and over that when we get to the new house, he will be able to play Wii. Now I just have to keep that promise.

So, do you have advice on getting a kid excited about moving? I keep wondering how my parents did it.
I'm in a straw house? Am I a pig?

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  1. Sorry, no help here, my kids never moved until they moved out.

  2. And we didn’t take the toys with us — at least I didn’t :)

  3. It was always “We are moving. Daddy’s job is in a different city. I will need a lot of help.” It went on for years. Ask your father how many high schools he went to!

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