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First days


In about 20 (30 if I’m lucky) the boys will be awake. Tebow will be signing “more” for some type of food or drink and Fuller will probably be draped over the couch insisting that he doesn’t need more sleep (while simultaneously telling me he is still tired).

While it may seem like a typical morning, it really isn’t typical, because we start school this morning!

I don’t know if it has been mentioned on the blog, but when we moved, we didn’t just move houses. We moved across state lines, becoming Georgia residents. It isn’t that big of a deal since the Georgia line was about five minutes from our old house, but as we are finding out, there are differences in moving to the Peach State. And one of those is school.

Georgia offers a school at home option that allows parents who want to school their children at home to do so for free.* The state relies on the popular and well established home school curriculum of K12, which was delivered to our home in three big boxes during our July vacation.

I’ll probably explain more later, but today is the official start of the school year! Fuller begins kindergarten!

Let the wild rumpus start…

*Free means we still pay for it with tax dollars, and anything we want to supplement (like art and music) we have to pay for ourselves. The core stuff is provided by the state.


  1. What a cool option! Austina was telling me about this when we saw her the other day, totally going to look into it in a couple of years.

  2. Missed Auburn Fan Day? That would be reason for Fuller to be tired.

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