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Fuller the football player


While kindergarten is very cool (or Candy Garden, as Fuller keeps calling it), we have added another first to our family’s activities- organized sports.

This is the first football season that Fuller is old enough to play on a team. And one of the GCA requirements is 60 hours of physical education. We can fill those hours with any kind of physical activity as long as it meets the S.O.S requirements- structured, organized, and supervised.

We talked with Fuller at length about options for meeting the PE requirement. We investigated several activities, but in the end we decided this would be the season that Fuller began his football career.

First Football Practice I love that he is smiling.

Now, my little sister, Sarah-Ginny, was in town when the decision was made and I had to go sign Fuller up. She stayed in the car with the four kids (her two, plus my two) so I could go in, sign the paper, hand over the money, and come back a Football Mom. And she was there as I got in the car and she said, “Are you crying?”

Ok. Fine. Yes. I cried.

See, as much as I knew kindergarten was coming, for some reason, this sports thing had me choked up. Fuller being molded into someone who runs, hits, and gets thrown down made me misty eyed and I truly realized that my baby was growing up.

He still can’t tie his shoes, but he is growing up.

tackling practiceYes, he is still my baby.

Every time Fuller comes home from practice we ask him if he is having fun. And the answer is still yes. Even though last Saturday he got knocked down and cried a little bit, he still insisted he was having fun. Damon goes to the practices (I’ve been to two, but it is very difficult to go with Tebow) and reports that Fuller pays attention and seems to be getting it.

Oh, and the team is the Bulldogs. Their colors are blue, black, and white. And when we were asked what number we wanted for Fuller’s jersey, we picked 73.

Fuller the football playerGo Bulldogs!

P.S. I have a set of football pictures on flickr, in case you want to follow along this season.
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