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Ready for week two


Tomorrow we start week two of the school year and after last week’s easy going schedule, we might be ready to crank it up a notch or two.

The truth is, last week when we got to Day 1 of the school year, my head wasn’t really in the game. I knew it was the first day and I knew we were going to get things done, but I didn’t really have a clear picture of how the whole “cyber learning” worked. Other factors were the messy school room, excitement over my dad’s upcoming visit, and Tebow getting sick on Sunday.

school room progressMessy evidence.

Fortunately I went into week one with a “this will be a light week” attitude and it kept my stress level at low. A low stress level helped me sail over the obvious bumps in the road like the entire K12 system going down on the first day (and then when it came up, the only stuff I had actually entered into the system was gone), our internet account being suspended on the second day (totally not our fault, but we had to fight to get them to see the truth), and not knowing exactly how to “do school” and be mom to the 18 month old at the same time (anyone see a facebook/ twitter status about allspice and T knows what I’m talking about).

On the edge of the "No Tebow" zone18 month old. Cute, cuddly, and into so much. Guard your wallets. I’m serious.

The messy school room is still being tamed, but as progress there makes headway, our heads become clearer and more open to the teaching and learning that will be happening this year. And week two will hopefully let us see exactly where our routine will take us, as we add more organization to our room, activities to our hours, and more subjects to our desks.

installing shelvesEvidence of messy being pointed in a new direction.

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