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Tebow Talks :: Tattle Tale Edition

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Hi! I’m Tebow! It’s been a while, I know. But here I am. Still cuter than a bug. Or so I’ve been told.

We moved into a new house! Mommy doesn’t think I remember the old house. And I think she’s right. I mean, what’s a house? All I know is I finally get to sleep in my crib again. And there are these boxes that Mommy likes to bring into our room and they are filled with toys! And books! And toys! My favorites are the books and the cars. Or gos. I call them gos.

It’s been busy. I keep getting put in my carseat and driving to places a long ways off. I’m ok with it if I get lots of crackers and maybe take a nap. We got to go see my Grandpa Fred and Vieja and my cousin Seth came to visit and we played and shouted, a lot.


So, here is where I tattle on my Mommy. The other day she did something. It wasn’t cool. And I’ll be up front and tell you I cried. She shut my hand in the trunk door. It hurt. I told you I cried. Mommy cried too. In fact, she cried more than I did. But my hand, it’s ok. I can still clap. I can still pick up my crackers. I can still shove my fingers in my mouth. Sometimes I pick my nose. So I’m telling Mommy we need to put the incident behind us. I’m not scared for life. And I probably don’t remember it after I finish telling you about it.


What was I talking about?

Tebow being shy

There’s other stuff going on. Like how Mommy is teaching Fuller in the room that has a gate. I can see them in there, but I can’t go in. I don’t like it. Mommy tries to keep me in that side of the house, but I scoot around the boxes and go other places. There was that time I found stuff in the kitchen. And the shiny round things in Mommy’s room. Today I got to watch Sesame Street.

Tebow kicks up his feet

Fuller plays football now. That’s so cool, and I really wish I could do it too. In fact, I think I have it figured out. Mommy says, “Down!” and I get down. Mommy says, “Set!” and I put my hands down and smile at her. Mommy says, “Hike!” and I just run and run and run. I like to run. Sometimes I get in trouble when I run, but I like to run. I’m fast. I like to hit things too. I throw pillows around and hit them and it is fun.


Well, it’s nap time. Hope you are doing ok! Talk to you soon!

One Comment

  1. He is so cute!! and such a good story teller. He relays the facts very well.

    I was cutting Cass’s fingernails one day and cut the smallest tip of her finger. I cried, too.

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