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It’s the worst of days, it is the best of days


Three weeks have gone by and I’m happy to report we are still a homeschooling family.

There is one big thing I have learned about our current family lifestyle- it is exhausting. We seemed to have eeked out a routine of sorts, but there are days when the routine is kicked to the curb and we simultaneously fall apart and find refreshment in the flexibility.

Wednesday was such a day.

On Wednesday we did our morning homeschool co-op (more on that later) and then came home to squeeze in two lessons. Two lessons! It isn’t a lot. I promise. Maybe an hour of work. But apparently co-op takes more out of us than I realized. Concentration was nil. Attitude was terrible. And effort was in the unsatisfactory category.

And then there was Fuller who just didn’t understand the need for two more lessons.

We just weren’t up to having student/teacher time that was needed. Angry words were said, privileges were taken away, and Mommy was put in time out.

Our relationship was redeemed by a meeting postponed and Fuller getting some serious Daddy/ Wii time and me getting serious alone time. Flexibility gave refreshment.

The next day (and today, for that matter) Fuller and I were clicking along… completing lessons, gaining knowledge and having fun. I beamed (still beaming) at my son reading out loud, making picture graphs, using Iron Man as Mr. Traveler, and staying on task until our last “to do” was all done.

I know there are more Wednesdays in our future and I know there will be days when we will have to work harder or work less to get things done… but I’m happy to say we are three weeks done and I’m looking forward to many more.


  1. we hit a couple of roadblocks this past week too. maybe the reality setting in that we are indeed going to do school every week day? but, it is nice to be at home and have the flexibility of backing off the schedule a bit and taking a breather.

  2. Life is such, huh? :-)
    When we did a coop, it’s all we really did for school. There’s only so much a little kid can take in in a day’s time. And for me, the social aspect (although fun) is draining.

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